Art Deco Marquee Pontiac Neon Sign in Metal Can


Brand: NeoNetics

Product Description

The Ultimate Gift For Any Classic Car Enthusiast

  • This huge Art Deco-style neon sign has a dramatic multi-tiered steel case with “Pontiac” spelled out in bright white neon.
  • This game room product features a 14-inch diameter metal badge with the classic Pontiac Service logo.
  • This Art Deco neon sign runs on a household current through the included six-foot cord.

Return to the golden age of full service! The Art Deco Marquee Pontiac Neon Sign adds a touch of class to your favorite room. Whether you’re a Pontiac enthusiast or just love classic cars, then this game room product is for you. Display it on a table or shelf, or simply hang it on a wall. There’s no extra maintenance or wiring required. Our man cave store is the one-stop shop when you’re ready to deck out your refuge! Shop now for the highest quality of man cave products.


  • 39 x 28 x 7 inches
  • Ships directly from the manufacturer