Billiard Accessories Kit - 32 Piece


Brand: BryBelly

Product Description

Billiard players of all skill levels will appreciate this Billiard Kit from Felson Billiard Supplies.

Each kit contains a set of 16 billiard balls, four cue sticks, a bridge stick, a nine-ball diamond, a triangle, a six-cue Roman rack, an under rail brush, an 8-inch table brush, a plastic tally bottle, two rubber chalk holders, a tip repair kit and a clear, 8-foot table cover.

The balls in this set are made from high-quality resin and measure 2 1/4 inches. They are precision engineered for perfect roundness. The cue sticks in this kit measure 57.5 inches each.

The wooden triangle rack has a 12-inch base and measures 11 1/2 inches tall. The diamond rack measures 11 3/4 inches tall and 8 1/4 inches wide.

The tip repair kit contains 15 pieces, including six squares of blue Zhanye chalk.

Your next pool tournament won't be complete without this deluxe Billiard Kit!