Billiard Parlour Scoreboard

$75.99 $98.00

Brand: RAM

Product Description

Retro Decor For Any Billiard Fun

  • The Billiard Parlour Scoreboard features a unique design and a handcrafted finish.
  • Easily keep track of who’s winning with this scoreboard.
  • The Billiard Parlour Scoreboard is made of high-quality resin.

Love to play pool? Then the Billiard Parlour Scoreboard is a must-have. You and your guests will love the retro design, as well as the overall quality. With this fun scoreboard, you can say goodbye to keeping score with pen and paper. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your game room items. Shop to receive free shipping.


  • 2 inches (D) x 17 inches (W) x 27 inches (H)
  • 9 pounds