Billiards and Darts Scoreboard

$119.00 $149.00

Brand: RAM

Product Description

Make The Most Of Your Free Time With This Pub Sign

  • Hand carved and painted, this scoreboard features a three-dimensional design.
  • The Billiards and Darts Scoreboard is constructed of high-quality wood.
  • The classic, curved top includes the phrase “Billiards and Darts” that surrounds a picture of pool balls and two darts.

The Billiards and Darts Scoreboard offers a much better way to keep track of who’s winning. Whether you prefer billiards, darts, or both, this is a must-have for your personal refuge. When it comes to new game room items, look no further than We are proud to offer the best online selection at affordable prices. Shop now to receive free shipping.


  • 23.5 inches x 37.5 inches