Roulette Wheel with 2 Roulette Balls


Brand: BryBelly

Product Description

Take your game night to the next level with this high-quality, 18-inch roulette wheel! Made of durable ABS (Bakelite) plastic, this wheel is cast, machined, polished and nickel-plated. It also features a ball bearing for the load thrust and a bushing for top guidance.
Professionally balanced, this steel, linear-bearing wheel comes with two plastic balls and has an inner edge decorated with a diamond pattern. Each slot within the wheel measures just over half an inch.
This roulette wheel spins with ease and is perfect for an at-home game night or a club party.
Durable and affordable, this wheel is a must-have for roulette enthusiasts who want to bring a little taste of Vegas home.
Compared to similar high quality mahogany wheels that cost $2,000+, this roulette wheel is a real steal.,br>